About Advantage Training

What’s so special about the Advantage Training Packages and what can you offer that I cant get anywhere else?

Lets answer that but firstly we need to explain how we came about and what the benefits are in using our training services.

Advantage Clinical Training is the brain child of David Gingell a Senior Nursing practicioner at the Ipswich Hospital Trust for over 30 years.
David has also worked for St John Ambulance Brigade for almost as many years with his invaluable First Aid and Emergency skills.
David leads the field in Clinical training as many of the doctors and nursing staff trained by him can attest to over the many years that he has been training staff.

The courses are designed by David and developed through his many years of practical Clinical experience to offer packages that cover the levels of compentancy in all fields of Clinical Healthcare.
The programmes that we offer are specific to the sectors that you are working in both to achieve mandatory compliance and improve your overall skill sets and although the training is obviously a serious matter it is demonstrated in a light handed way allowing our students to enjoy the experience of professional hands on training without the pain.

Although our programmes are fun, relaxed but highly informative they are designed to greatly enhance the competency of all the attendees to Davids exacting standards and a certification from David is high benchmark to be proud of.