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Why use Advantage Staffing?

At Advantage staffing we pride ourselves on the quality of our staffing and ensuring that we have adequate staff available to fulfil your shift requirements at all times even at very short notice.

Our staffing minimum requirements

All our nursing staff have to pass our stringent criteria tests before we can even process their application.
We ensure that all our nursing staff are fully compliant with up to date PIN registration and meds assessments.

All our procedures of employment are compliant with the NHS guidelines criteria to ensure the competency of our staffing is of the highest level.
DBS security checks are carried out on all our staffing before we can consider using them as Advantage personnel.

Level of staffing available

Advantage offer a large array of nursing staff at all levels of skill sets.

RGNs all levels
Nurse practitioners all levels

Our Pricing…Fairness and Value

Gone are the days when agencies have gotten away with extortionate rates on staffing supply but most agencies will still charge what they can get away with, that is not the Advantage way!

We work under NHS framework and de Poel rates and still pay our staffing above average hourly rates this we believe offers both value and fairness to Trusts and staffing alike.

To Enquire about Staff Bookings call: 01473 341352

For all Staffing Requirements call: 01473 341352