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Sempercare Soft Pink Nitrile Gloves Medium x200


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Product Description

Sempercare Soft Pink Nitrile Gloves

Sempercare Soft gloves provide complete protection from infections and well and being extra soft and with great touch sensitivity.


  • Comfortable to wear and suitable for people with latex allergies
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Powder free
  • Contains no latex proteins


Material Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
Type Powder free, non-sterile
Color Pink
Glove shape Flat with rolled rim
Wall thickness median 0.13 mm
Impermeability AQL 1.5
Force at break Median 7 N
Durability 3 years
Available sizes S, M, L
Packaging in Carton 200 Gloves
Labelling EN 455, EN 420, EN 374, EN 1041, ISO 15223-1
Purpose medical device class I
single use protective glove – PPE Category III
(Protection against chemicals for a limited time)