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Comfitest Pregnancy HCG Cassette x20


Product Description

ComfiTest Pregnancy Test

The ComfiTest HCG Cassette provides highly accurate detection of early pregnancy.  The reliable pregnancy test is superb value for money, and delivers results in just three minutes.

ComfiTests are supplied in a box of 20 test cassettes and droppers, individually wrapped.


  • Early detection of pregnancy
  • Uses either urine or serum
  • Greater than 99% accuracy in clinical studies
  • Can detect pregnancy as little as 1 day after a missed period
  • Results in 3 minutes (urine) or 5 minutes (serum)
  • Test can be conducted with as few as 3 drops of urine or serum


  • Detects hCG at a concentration of 25 mIU/mL or greater